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                    The Profiteers: getting someone out of the news spotlight is big business

                    CHAPTER THREE: When the proverbial hits the fan and someone becomes engulfed in a media storm, there’s an army of people ready to clean up, for a price.

                    The Profiteers: getting someone out of the news spotlight is big business

                    CHAPTER THREE: When the proverbial hits the fan and someone becomes engulfed in a media storm, there’s an army of people ready to clean up, for a price.

                    Are Nine’s Crown revelations really a story of ‘Chinese influence’?

                    On the evidence presented so far, the Crown affair is a story of home-made corporate greed and not foreign influence.

                    Treaty now: why treaty makes more sense than a ‘voice’

                    The simpler the instrument — such as a single treaty — the greater the symbolic and material power, and the better it would serve as a base for fully material secondary treaties and recognitions

                    Legalising abortion means nothing if we don’t provide secure access for all women

                    The battle for women's reproductive rights doesn't stop at legalised abortion.

                    Embattled Airbnb entrepreneur has the receipts

                    A young, self-styled entrepreneur who owes millions to former clients in his Airbnb business has made headlines before.

                    Will an inspector-general fix the Murray-Darling mess?

                    The Department of Agriculture's new body will attempt to address allegations of maladministration and water theft in the beleaguered Murray-Darling Basin.

                    For some in Australia, unemployment is worse now than during the Great Depression

                    Can we really say Australia has "good" unemployment rate when 21% of Indigenous Australians can't find jobs?

                    Has the great property-driven market slide begun?

                    The fall of a property developer yesterday has flagged serious decline for the property game. Will it take the rest of the economy with it?

                    The market slide is a logical conclusion of Coalition policies

                    Crikey readers discuss the property-driven market slide, and problems with question time.

                    NAB chairman was ‘confident’ bank was selling rip off products

                    Good morning, early birds. A leaked report has brought fresh scrutiny to NAB's conduct during the royal commission, and yet more probes are summoned into Crown Resorts' conduct. It's the news you need to know, with Rachel Withers.

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                    How you become Australia’s most powerful bureaucrat

                    What drives Mike Pezzullo — and how has he earned the title of Australia’s most powerful public servant?

                    Inside the mind of the paedophile priest

                    Almost 1900 child sexual abusers have been identified in?Australian Catholic churches. The average victim was under 12.?What led people to commit such horrible crimes on such a staggering scale???

                    A day in the life of a teacher

                    'The raw energy of a grade one classroom on a Monday morning is like being inside a football locker room before a big match.'

                    Also trending

                    The Victims: what it’s like to live inside the eye of a media storm

                    INQ explores several case studies of Australians victimised by intrusive reporting.

                    Crown hits back: a who’s who of the casino giant’s board

                    A News Corp ad blitz raises the question of who exactly is shepherding Crown through this crisis...

                    US economy shows virtues of wage rises — but not company tax handouts

                    New data on the US economy shows that Donald Trump's tax cuts for business had little benefit to the real economy — but boosting wages might help break Australia out of its GDP rut.

                    The Boris train steams ahead, but can it last?

                    Boris Johnson has seen a jump in the polls. It may be stitching up Labour for now, but there's danger ahead.

                    Trump and Johnson: parasites from the same bowel

                    What Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have in common is less important than the phenomenon they represent.

                    Politician turned comedian Boris Johnson gaffes his way into power

                    By actually becoming an entertainer who happened to be an MP, Boris has been able to create a force-field in which he is not only rewarded for lying, but doubly so for being caught lying.

                    Is Boris Johnson already in hot water with Trump?

                    New UK PM Boris Johnson will have a hard time spinning old comments of US counterpart Donald Trump's 'stupefying ignorance'. Plus, other tips of the week.


                    They really said that?

                    Mr Albanese may find [Raheem Kassam’s] views and his way of expressing things inappropriate. I find Mr Corbyn’s views on many subjects inappropriate.?

                    JOHN ANDERSON

                    The former deputy PM compares controversial far-right activist Raheem Kassam to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, as he slams Labor’s push to ban Kassam from entering the country (Anderson is set to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference alongside Kassam).


                    Over the moon landing

                    This week: by rocket to the moon, fake news as trauma response, when cheerleading becomes a survival mechanism, and stopping coercive control.


                    How the trans identity debate is tying progressives in knots

                    Nothing is more likely to rule off the '60s liberation ideologues more decisively than the 'gender question'.

                    Is Australia’s population growth mostly driven by migration?

                    Was Pauline Hanson correct in saying most of Australia's population growth comes from immigration? And is mass migration essential to the Morrison government's budget?

                    Do not let us burn for you, Scott Morrison

                    At least my family can still escape from the first-story window when our lives go up in smoke. Many others might not be so lucky.

                    The best and worst of question time

                    If the "bring your coal to work" incidents don't convince you that question time needs a shake up, the Fatman Scoop tributes will.

                    What is the ABC for?

                    Crikey tries to unravel and distill some of the crucial questions we think the ABC should be asking itself in this post-Guthrie/Milne era.

                    Steve Smith saves Australia, and the ratings, as the Ashes return

                    The viewers who stuck through Australia's abysmal start got a treat on a sport heavy night.

                    The Bachelor returns on Channel 10

                    The Bachelor gave Ten solid numbers on a quiet night all round.

                    It’s time to stop obsessing over these meaningless scandals?

                    In terms of justice, truth, morality or social relevance, Shayna Jack's controversy contributes nothing at all.

                    The disinformation game: how the government releases emissions data

                    Positive spin, false statements and delays — Australia's emissions-data must run a gauntlet before the public is allowed to see it, and the media is happy to help.

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